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Cleary Bros supplies quality Concrete to the construction industry from its four sites across the Illawarra and South Coast. Whether you need Concrete for a high-rise development in Wollongong or a residential home, footpath or slab in the suburbs, we can deliver the Concrete you need at a competitive price and in good time.

Our Area Sales Representatives are experts on the use of Concrete for commercial and residential developments. They will work closely with you to ensure you receive the materials required to meet your specifications. 

Cleary Bros General Terms and Conditions apply to the supply of our quality Concrete products.

These Purchase Order Terms and Conditions apply when providing subcontract agitator transport services to Cleary Bros.

The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for Cleary Bros Ready Mix Concrete products can be found here.

Hot Weather Concreting

Combinations of high temperatures, strong winds and low humidity can lead to problems with concrete placement and finishing, especially during the summer months.

The Cement Concrete & Aggregates Association (CCAA) have released a data sheet called “Hot-Weather Concreting” to assist concreters to overcome these problems including:

  • Consider placing concrete during the cooler parts of the day, or postpone the job until conditions improve.
  • Ensure you have enough equipment and manpower to place the concrete quickly.
  • If placing on crusher dust or roadbase, wet it down well beforehand.
  • Minimise adding water on site.
  • Use an evaporative retarder (aliphatic alcohol). The evaporative retarder should be applied with a fine mist sprayer as soon as the concrete is placed. Each time the surface is "broken" during the finishing operations, the evaporative retarder should be re-applied.
  • Use sunshades or windbreaks where possible.
  • It is essential that all surfaces are kept continually moist by curing the concrete. Curing should be undertaken progressively and start immediately after each section has been finished. Curing methods include ponding with water, use of wet hessian or cotton mats, continuous spray mist, covering with plastic sheeting or sprayed-on curing compounds.

For further information on concreting during hot, windy and dry conditions, refer to CCAA's data sheet on hot-weather concreting available on the CCAA website.

Cleary Bros Ready Mix Concrete Service

Cleary Bros first concrete plant at Albion Park was established in 1968. Since then we’ve opened plants at Coniston, Bombo and Bomaderry. We supply to construction sites from Helensburgh in the north through to the Shoalhaven in the South.



Do you offer free quotes?

We supply obligation free quotes to customers.

Do you supply concrete for residential or only commercial jobs? 

We supply concrete for both residential and commercial jobs.

What areas do you supply concrete to?

We supply from Helensburgh in the north to Sussex Inlet.

Are there different strengths of concrete? 

Yes, depending on the application you may require a higher grade strength of concrete.  If you are unsure, please contact one of our Area Sales Representatives listed for assistance.

What’s the smallest load I can have delivered?

0.4 m3 is the smallest size load we deliver.

Do you stock colour for the coloured concrete?  Do you have any sample colours? 

Yes we can supply coloured concrete. Our colour range can be viewed at

Do you have any samples of your exposed mixes?

It is best to speak directly to our Area Sales Representatives about exposed mixes.

Concrete Division

(02) 4228 7333 Coniston - 8 John Cleary Place
Mon-Fri: 7:00AM - 5:00PM | Sat: 7:00AM -1:00PM

(02) 4256 1733 Albion Park - East West Link
Mon-Fri: 7:00AM - 4:30PM | Sat: 7:00AM -1:00PM

(02) 4421 3944 Bomaderry - Bolong Road
Mon-Fri: 7:00AM-4:30PM | Sat: 7:00AM-1:00PM


(02) 4275 1000 Port Kembla - 39 Five Islands Road 

Earthmoving & Plant Hire

(02) 4275 1000 Port Kembla - 39 Five Islands Road 


(02) 4256 5566 Albion Park - East West Link

Quarry Supplies 

(02) 4256 5566 Albion Park - East West Link / Gerroa - Beach Road

Gerroa Sand Resource - Telephone Complaints Line 

Please call Complaints Line

(02) 4275 1000 (during operating hours)

Ready Mix Concrete Division Contacts

Steve Crandell

Division Manager Concrete & Transport

Helen Cleary

Executive General Manager, Development and Partnerships

Darryl McDonald

Sales Manager

Mark Dabros

Area Sales Representative 

Tom Moran

Area Sales Representative

Site Locations


Coniston concrete plant services the Wollongong area and is located at 8 John Cleary Place, Coniston.  For enquiries regarding concrete sales in the Wollongong area, please contact Mark Dabros.  Smaller orders can be placed by contacting the batcher directly at Coniston on (02) 4228 7333.


Albion Park concrete plant services the areas of Albion Park and Shellharbour and is located at the quarry off the East West Link.  For enquiries regarding concrete sales in the Albion Park/ Shellharbour areas, please contact Mark Dabros. Smaller orders can be placed by contacting the batcher directly at Albion Park on (02) 4256 3315.


Bombo concrete plant services the areas of Kiama, Gerringong and Jamberoo and is located off the Princes Highway at Bombo on Hutchison Street.  For enquiries regarding concrete sales in the Kiama, Gerringong & Jamberoo areas, please contact Tom Moran. Smaller orders can be placed by contacting the batcher directly at Bombo on (02) 4232 2695.


Bomaderry concrete plant services the areas of Berry, Nowra and Shoalhaven and is located on Bolong Road.  For enquiries regarding concrete sales in the Shoalhaven area, please contact Tom Moran. Smaller orders can be placed by contacting the batcher directly at Bomaderry on (02) 4421 3944.


Cleary Bros Concrete Mixer


Whether you need concrete for a high-rise development or a residential home, a footpath or slab, we deliver at a competitive price and in good time.


Cleary Bros Quarries


Cleary Bros has two quarries – Albion Park quarry for hard rock and Gerroa quarry for sand. Products are independently tested to ensure industry specifications are met.


Cleary Bros Construction Supplies


At Cleary Bros we understand the importance of a deadline. Our Transport Services division delivers supplies to construction companies on time, every time. 


Earthmoving Equipments


As one of Australia’s largest privately owned plant suppliers of earthmoving equipment, we hire dozers, graders, loaders, rollers, excavators, fuel trucks and more.


Cleary Bros Infrasctucture & Construction Projects


Works carried out by this Division include all facets of earthworks, sub-divisions, road works, bridge works, general infrastructure and civil construction.


Cleary Bros Sales Enquiries


Area Sales Reps work with our clients to get the best results for their projects and their details are located in 'Our People' section of the website.


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