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Albion Park Quarry - Stage 7 DEVELOPMENT APPLICATION (MAY 2022)

Cleary Bros’ Albion Park Quarry has been the company’s main source of hard rock since the 1960s. Work commenced in the most recent excavation area during 2008, with extraction now moving towards completion.

Taking this into account, Cleary Bros has been planning for the continued operation of the quarry into adjoining land at the eastern edge of the current extraction area. A development application has been submitted in order to extract this key resource.

Development application

The application has now been lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE). This follows three years of extensive environmental and social studies.

The application focuses on how Cleary Bros intends to extract the 32 million tonnes of available hard rock from the new ‘footprint’ (called Stage 7), as well as describing how the existing extraction area could be rehabilitated.

Cleary Bros is not seeking any changes to the existing operations, including the current 900 000 tonnes per annum production limit, operating hours or traffic movements from the quarry.

The proposal includes continuation of the quarry for at least 30 years in keeping with the standard period used for such applications.


The Albion Park Quarry is currently Cleary Bros’ only source of hard rock and is a key supply point for the Illawarra, South Coast and Greater Sydney construction industries.

This hard rock is used to make a range of essential construction materials, including aggregates for concrete, road bases, rail ballast and a range of specialty products such as the large boulders which protect our coastal infrastructure.

Cleary Bros is the Illawarra and South Coast’s leading supplier of concrete. A majority of the infrastructure we rely upon as a community from roads, bridges and public buildings through to residential homes has been produced with our concrete.

The company’s primary market and therefore focus is the local region. Without the ability to continue the existing quarry, significant supply disruption would occur creating delays and potential non-delivery of this essential infrastructure.

Cleary Bros is also a significant local employer with 95 people directly reliant upon the quarry as their workplace. There are also many Illawarra and South Coast businesses which provide Cleary Bros with services which would also be affected if the quarry did not operate.

Visual and amenity management

To minimise the visibility of our operations from other properties, we are proposing to stage the project. By staging our extraction, we'll retain the existing ridgeline in the early years of the quarry, allowing for early rehabilitation of the parts that may be visible in later years.

We'll also use the overburden and topsoil that is removed from above the rock resource to create amenity barriers, shielding residential properties from views into the quarry excavation.

These will be tapered to match the surrounding topography, and vegetated so that within a short period of time, they'll blend back into the landscape.

Find out more

We’ve compiled a fact sheet to help those interested further understand our application and how we intend to implement it if approved. 

We welcome your comments and questions about our proposal at any time - you can send these to us via email

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